Saturday, 28 February 2004

Saturday British columns

Self-knowledge is the key to this spiritual spring time
Geoffrey Rowell writes in the Times about Lent as a spring time
(Australians and others in the Southern Hemisphere just pass on this :-)

The scourging of the Shi’ites
Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about the parallels between certain Muslim and Christian rituals

Arousing passion and interest in Jesus’s death Telegraph leader

Mike Wooldridge of the BBC writes about Cathedrals fall on hard times

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Hi Simon,

I noticed on Technorati that you linked to my blog, theoblogical. However, your link is to my dotText version, which I update infrequently of late, and is now moved to another URL. Chnage me to, and my RSS is

Great list under “BlogsIRead”…..I nedd to explore those I don’t recognize……you seem like a kindred spirit……


Posted by: Dale at February 28, 2004 03:44 PM