Sunday, 29 February 2004

Sunday news reports

The Sunday Times and the BBC both report on a forthcoming change to British law:
Sex-change weddings upset clergy

Some Anglican priests are threatening to resign if they are forced to allow people who have changed their sex to marry in their churches.
Many clergy do not accept that people can change sex using surgery, and see such weddings as same sex marriages.
However, under the Gender Recognition Bill, soon to become law, clergy in England and Wales will be unable to prevent their churches being used.

Sunday Times
Church weddings for sex swappers

The bill, which has already gone through the House of Lords, was passed on its second reading in the Commons last week with a large majority. There was controversy after the vote when it emerged that the Church of England’s General Synod, meeting in a nearby building, had not been told the debate was happening.
Although some Anglican bishops have backed the measure, traditionalists fear it will change the basis on which people’s identity is defined.
Michael Scott-Joynt, the Bishop of Winchester, said last night: “When the bill passes into law, for me the words woman and man will no longer mean what they have always meant and the government will have introduced marriage between two people of the same sex.”

On the other hand, the BBC also reports that at least one vicar understands that the church needs marketing and in another place someone understands the value of training:

You don’t expect to see a vicar on patrol with a policeman in the early hours of the morning, dealing with drunks and emergency calls. But in Northamptonshire, Church of England curates are plodding the streets with local officers as part of their training. Listen here with Real Audio.

The Sunday programme on Radio 4 also had an interview with Terry Waite on his return from Lebanon, listen here.
See also Church Times story on this here

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