Sunday, 7 March 2004

Sunday radio

As usual, the Sunday programme on Radio 4 had some material of Anglican interest.

Women Bishops
Hardly a week seems to go by without threats of schism or at least serious fallings out within the Church of England. This week it’s not about GAY bishops - it’s about WOMEN bishops. The Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, has said that IF women are allowed to become bishops the church may have to set up a separate “Third Province” for those who disagree. Dr Hope was speaking at a service in Leeds to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Act of Synod that established “flying bishops” to minister to those who rejected the ordination of women. This week - March the 12th - sees the tenth anniversary of the first female ordinations. Cause for celebration for Christina Rees a leading light in the movement to remove the obstacles top women becoming bishops. She’s upset by Dr Hope’s suggestion of a church within a church. Listen with Real Audio

Internet Church
In the divine supermarket that is the world wide web, you can browse for all manner of spiritual products and services. There’s even a Church of Jesus Christ the Shopper. Well now the Church of England is placing itself on the virtual shelves with its first online parish. It’s the brainchild of the Oxford Diocese’s Director of Communications, The Reverend Richard Thomas, who’s placed an ad in this week’s Church Times, for a web pastor - lay or ordained - who has the “ability to work creatively in a new and untested environment.” So for whom is the “I-Church”, as it’s being called, intended? Listen with Real Audio

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