Friday, 19 March 2004

ECUSA bishops meeting

The Church Times summarises the story so far as Bishop of Ohio snubbed over confirmation.

The CEN had this version of events US bishops raise stakes.

Today the Associated Press reports Episcopal Church bishops meet amid unprecedented tension over gay bishop and includes this:

The leading conservative bishop is Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh, moderator of a “network” formed in January to unite Episcopal dioceses and parishes that insist upon the traditional Christian teaching against same-sex relationships.
Duncan said some conservative bishops are boycotting the Navasota meeting, some will participate fully and some - like himself - will stay offsite and attend only sessions treating the church fracture.

Here’s another report from the Houston Chronicle (Houston is near where they are meeting):
Bishops to discuss gay ordination
Episcopal retreat held in Navasota; some conservatives to boycott

The retreat will be the first meeting of bishops since the consecration of Robinson, who is expected to attend. A few conservative bishops will boycott the meeting, said Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan, a member of the Anglican Communion Network, an organization of conservative dioceses and parishes formed in January.
“Some bishops have decided they cannot in good conscience attend the meeting,” Duncan said in a statement. “Others have agreed to be present only for those sessions in which (oversight) will be discussed.”

Some proposal for providing what the primates called adequate provision for episcopal oversight of dissenting minorities is expected. The last official word on what this might look like was this but…

Exactly what Griswold will propose this weekend to resolve the impasse is unknown, said the Rev. Jan Nunley, deputy director of Episcopal News Service.
“No one has seen it,” Nunley added. “No one knows what the plan is.”
The bishops are expected to take up the issue Saturday and Sunday behind closed doors, but it was unclear whether they would take any official action.

And here’s another note which gives a few details of the meeting agenda.

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I used to live in the Diocese of Texas when it was led by Bishop Benitez. Great irony in his acts of disobedience in Ohio. As bishop of Texas (Austin, Houston and East Texas), he did not tolerate major challenges to his authority. I think that he had been a chaplain at one time in the U.S. Armed Forces, but he was quite strict about his own sense of authority and upholding it.

Posted by: Don at March 19, 2004 05:48 PM

Don said he thought Maurice “Ben” Benitez was a US Air Force chaplain. Ben was in the air force, but not as a chaplain, but as a jet pilot.

Posted by: Paul E Cosby at March 20, 2004 03:40 AM
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