Thursday, 1 April 2004

i-Church critique

Last year, Stephen Bates and Andrew Brown reported that the English Churchman still supported slavery. More recently the English Churchman published the following equally amazing comment.

Bishop of Oxford Sets Up Internet Parish
Having been blocked from his attempt to appoint a sodomite as Bishop of Reading the Bishop of Oxford is now setting up an internet parish or virtual church for those unable or unwilling to meet people face to face.
It is proposed for those wanting to learn about Christianity in a non threatening but somewhat impersonal manner. Of course it will not be able to judge people’s behaviour so if any sodomites, paedophiles or other notorious sinners want to join surreptitiously there is likely to be no hindrance to them.
Congregations without the practice of discipline are not new to the Church of England. Congregations without biblical preaching are not new either. What is new is the idea of a parish without meeting together for the sacraments or to know who our brethren really are.
While the internet has a part to play in the church it is a tragedy that it should be seen as a substitute.

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