Monday, 26 April 2004

Notes not a sermon

In the Guardian today, Stephen Bates reports that Gay row dean attacks prejudice in church.

In a move likely to provoke renewed aggravation from conservative evangelicals, Canon Jeffrey John, the dean of St Albans, yesterday broke his silence in a sermon in which he reminded the Church of England that Jesus excluded no “untouchables” such as homosexuals from his special care.

But this is seriously misleading. Canon John is of course not yet Dean of St Albans. And what Stephen Bates is referring to is not a sermon that was delivered anywhere yesterday, but rather some sermon notes, prepared a while ago, and intended for use next June, as part of Inclusive Church Sunday, an observation being organised by

Update Tuesday
Similarly erroneous stories have been posted by The Times here
and also by OnReligion (thanks KH) here
Repeating the story doesn’t make it true. No such sermon was preached by Jeffrey John.

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