Friday, 7 May 2004

Giddings on St Albans

I see that the “Anglican Mainstream” website has today removed the links from several web pages to wholly unauthorized copies of the St Albans diocesan arms still resident on the AM web server. I look forward to finding those links broken soon.

The site also published two new sets of complaints by Philip Giddings against:

A. the appointment of the new dean, and
B. the bishop of St Albans.

These are described by AM as “emerging issues”. But none of the points listed in part A have arisen since Saturday 17 April when AM issued this statement and raised not a whisper about them. So the description is false.

On the other hand, in part B Dr Giddings makes party political charges against the Labour government. This certainly is new territory for attacking a bishop.

By the way Dr Giddings fails to mention that two bishops spoke in support of the Civil Partnerships bill in the House of Lords, one of whom was his own Bishop of Oxford (the other was the Bishop of Peterborough).

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