Saturday, 8 May 2004

British Saturday columns

AN Wilson has a review of Edward Norman’s book in The Tablet.
Anglican Difficulties: a new syllabus of errors
Snarling at the hand that fed him

The Guardian has Counting the cost of giving by John Newbury who asks Why should we give to those we do not know?

In his weekly Telegraph column, Christopher Howse discusses A prize for the best blasphemy.

The Times Credo column is by Stephen Plant, A dead church should not hold the living Church to ransom in which he discusses the threat of closure for a church building; some extracts:

THE local church I attend is threatened with closure. The property is in good order, the bank balance in credit, and there are no plans to build a ring road through its car park. But the congregation has simply shrunk to the extent that there are not enough people to do the work to keep it open or to fill the front rows at Sunday worship.

My church is situated in a densely populated area short on public buildings; it should be capable of sustaining the kind of community church its building is perfect for. Even if closure in these circumstances is the sensible thing to do, it will be difficult to see it as a shining gospel success.
I take seriously the sense of obligation to those whose energies and faith have been bound up in this local church. But a dead church cannot be allowed to hold the living Church to ransom. When I think it through I find that if we are to give my local church one last chance it must not be as a way to keep its past alive, but because of the fragile possibility that it might have a future as a community of faith and as a centre of service to its local community.

In the Church Times Giles Fraser asks
Does the brutality of Iraq make all forces like Saddam?
As bad as each other?

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