Tuesday, 11 May 2004

Reports from Africa

The Lagos Vanguard reports Gay Controversy: Anglican Communion Vows to Resist Lobby which says in part:

DESPITE threat to the fabric of the Anglican Communion, the primates of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) has reiterated its resolve to uphold the traditional faith and practice of Anglicanism without compromising same under financial inducements from the West.
Speaking at the Bishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church in Lagos, last week, CAPA president, Archbishop Peter Akinola who is the primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) confirmed that the African primates held a meeting in Kenya, at the end of which, they made recommendations to the Lambeth Commission on the way to resolve the logjam.

Archbishop Akinola who is also the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, said the next step to the resolution of the crisis which has gravely polarised the Anglican Communion will be dependent on the response of ECUSA.
He also revealed that if there are no visible signs of repentance on the part of ECUSA, then CAPA will meet again to determine the next line of action, stressing that the African primates had resolved to reject future financial assistance from the unrepentant Episcopal Church.
“To hell with their money,” he said, adding “the Church in Nigeria gives financial assistance to several other churches without making much noise about it…because we believe it is Godly to support one another in the Body of Christ.”
The primate said: “Let them go to hell with their money. We do not need their money because we will not, on the altar of money mortgage our conscience, our faith and salvation.”

In another report from Nigeria, Newswatch reported what Ola Makinde, Methodist Archbishop of Lagos said on this:

Newswatch: What is your position on the issue of gay bishop?
Makinde: Well, the primate of Anglican Church, Archbishop Jasper Akinola had said the minds of all Nigerian Christians and all Christian’s leaders. Gay is never even discussed in African society. You don’t talk about it. Gay or Lesbianism, so it is a pervasion of Christianity and Christian culture. So it is in Nigeria or Africa, it is not acceptable. We were are waiting for a time we will go to World Council of Churches because we have World Council of Churches where all the Christians in the world will meet. Anytime, we see a self confessed Gay bishop or reverend we’ll withdraw. We will withdraw from World Council of Churches. It is incompatible with Christianity especially African Christianity and time has come now when we should go and re-christianise the white people. They brought Christianity here and they have perverted it. We must now go and re-christianise them. The leading church today is England, especially in London is established by a Nigerian. We must go there and re-christianise them.They need to be re-christianized. I am telling you. Christianity in Europe is gone and is secularised. It’s secularised more than you can think of and we cannot accept that. So the ordination of gay bishop or reverend is not even discussed in African culture. In Nigerian culture. It’s never mentioned and we don’t even want to. We are assuring you that we will never take it. We wouldn’t pervert Christianity at all.

This article also has sections on many other aspects of Nigerian church life.

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