Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Flood of Anglican news

First, the Telegraph has a further trial balloon about what the Eames commission might propose: Written constitution plan to avoid Church split.
Then Robin Eames speech to the Irish General Synod is here and it contains a section on the work of the commission.
Rowan Williams preached at this synod and his sermon is here.

Meanwhile Jane Williams spoke to the Mothers’ Union and this was reported in the Times, Telegraph and Guardian. These three accounts of the same speech are interesting for their differences. Here is part of Ruth Gledhill’s report:

Mrs Williams, who has two children and is a theologian in her own right, teaching part-time at Trinity College, Bristol, was giving an address at the Mothers’ Union in Westminster to mark the International Year of the Family.
In the lecture, her first since Dr Rowan Williams became Archbishop last year, she said the “family” was near the top of the agenda for the churches and described a “generalised anxiety” about the family.
“We have a faint if not very well substantiated belief that families are more fragile than they have ever been before,” she said. “There is a tendency towards a kind of romantic nostalgia, as there is about the Church, a tendency to believe there was once a time when families worked, and it was probably at the time when everybody went to church.”
Describing the rising expectations of family life, she said: “Our Western society has put intolerable pressures on the family by assuming that it should be all-sufficient and that it should be the basic carrier of Christianity.”
But she said that the task of being, not just a Christian family but any kind of stable family, became much harder “if the things that make families work are not valued or demonstrated in the society in which real families live.”
Mrs Williams continued: “Families can be left with the feeling that the salvation of society rests on their shoulders and that, if only they can get it right, then all will be well. But families are as prone to mistakes as any other corporate body.”
While acknowledging that family-based churches, where everything revolves around children and young mothers, can be vital for mission, she added: “They can often be deeply alienating for those many in our world who are not part of functioning families.”
She continued: “If we value families, we need to build societies in which families can flourish. And that means not putting too much pressure on families to be perfect. Families cannot build our society. Our society needs to build families.”

Oh yes and a while back (thanks KH), Emily Winsett a journalism student at Columbia University published Gene Robinson’s Consecration Recalls the Debate on Women’s Ordination. Other stuff of hers can be found here.

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