Saturday, 15 May 2004

another Saturday in London

In the Guardian Giles Fraser writes about Luther, love and Gloria Gaynor. His remarks will be familiar to those who have read his recent University Sermon.

In the Telegraph Christopher Howse writes about Lancelot Andrewes The insides of a private diary.

In The Times Jonathan Sacks writes that The family is where we find passion, affection and companionship.

Also, Ruth Gledhill writes about her experience attending the Ship of Fools cyberchurch. Ruth’s article is here. Here is a quote:

It was an extraordinary experience, resembling a real church service and yet at the same time being completely different, akin to one of the “out of the body” dreams I used to have. Sitting in front of a computer screen, I quickly identified with the yellow-haired onscreen avatar, a sort of ecclesiastical Lara Croft that had been designed for me by the “creator”, Darrell of specialmoves, who was also in church.
Besides raising my arms and yodelling “Hallelujah!” I could kneel, cross myself, stand up and sit down, walk around, get up into the pulpit, heckle the bishop during his sermon and wander down to the crypt to chat and scrutinise the noticeboards.
The preacher was the Bishop of London, the Right Rev Richard Chartres, who had been vested a bit too lowly for his liking.
Bishop Chartres is a princely, patriarchal figure who seems to hail from an earlier age. His nickname in ecumenical circles is “quiverful”, a psalmic reference to the four children he has with his wife Caroline. In real life, he is a man of steel ? the steel nib of a fountain pen.

The full text of his sermon can be read here.

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