Monday, 17 May 2004

Telegraph gnaws

No other national paper has continued to mention St Albans except the Sunday Telegraph. Elizabeth Day had Rebel parish to fund ‘cure’ for homosexuals.
And this was echoed today by the London local evening newspaper the Evening Standard which had Vicar defiant in gays protest.

And Church is divided over gay clergy issue from the Hendon and Finchley Times on Tuesday echoed the earlier Barnet and Potters Bar Times account by the same reporter. More on this below.

The Telegraph story concentrates on the intended beneficiary of the parish’s decision, the True Freedom Trust, but notes that

Martin Daly, the trust’s assistant director, refused to comment on the donation, insisting that the organisation had yet to decide whether to accept the money.

The Telegraph also reminds us that another similar body, the Courage Trust, had changed direction because

In 2001, the Courage Trust, a charity founded in 1990 to “heal” homosexuals, declared its mission to have been wrong, saying that such relationships were “God-given”.

The Standard quoted Mr Dobbie as saying:

“The biblical position on homosexual practice is consistent and clear, and it is against the Creation ordnance (sic) of God. This appointment is provocative and distressing for many Anglicans.”

Neither paper explains to their readers that some 80% of the so-called parish “tax” asked by the diocese is used to pay and house their own vicar.

The Hendon Times feature expands further on the position taken by the Courage Trust and Jeremy Marks:

Mr Marks said he was very, very sorry indeed’ about Holy Trinity Lyonsdown’s decision to withhold their quota.
“That sort of action in that sort of public way just means they are shooting the Church of England in the foot by refusing to accept a man eminently able to do the job. It’s shabby tactics and it’s divisive,” he said.

The Courage Trust home page links, I found, to the following article about the Bishop of Pittsburgh.

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