Tuesday, 18 May 2004

primatial statements

Another rash of these.
First, Njongonkulu Ndungane has called for the understanding and patience of the Church community in Africa in the wake of criticism by the African Provinces of the ordination of openly gay persons.
Second, there is an exchange of letters between Drexel Gomez and Robin Eames. In this Archbishop Gomez complains that Robin Eames’ earlier letter was one-sided in its call for restraint.
And third, there is a Statement of the Global South Primates which is datelined Nairobi, Kenya, 16 April, but has only appeared on the web on 18 May. Although stated to be signed by 18 primates, their names are not listed: it is signed by Peter Akinola on their behalf. The content is somewhat more detailed in relation to ECUSA/New Westminster than the CAPA statement issued in Nairobi on the same day. They make detailed recommendations to the Lambeth Commission (on which some of them sit).

The Commission should include in its Report a specific call to ECUSA to repent; revoking and rescinding their decision and action regarding the election and consecration of Gene Robinson as a Bishop in the Church of God.

Should ECUSA fail to comply within three months, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates should then take appropriate disciplinary action, which should include the suspension and ultimate expulsion of ECUSA from fellowship and membership of the Anglican Communion.

Recognition and full Episcopal and pastoral oversight should be given by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates to those dioceses, parishes and laity within ECUSA who continue to uphold the historic faith and order of the Anglican Communion.

Similar measures should be applied to the Bishop and Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster, Canada for their unilateral approval and implementation of rites for the blessing of same sex union.

We also request the Commission to give urgent consideration to the renewal of mutual accountability and the harmonization of constitutions and canons of the various Provinces in the Communion.

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