Wednesday, 19 May 2004

Telegraph spins again

Jonathan Petre, writing in the Telegraph today under the headline Liberals in church ‘pursuing gay agenda’ purports to quote Drexel Gomez:

The Primate of the West Indies, Archbishop Drexel Gomez, said that last month’s appointment of Dr Jeffrey John as Dean of St Albans had seriously undermined pleas for the warring parties to show restraint.

What Drexel Gomez actually said can be read in full here and the relevant bit in context is:

There is no small feeling amongst conservative members of the Communion that they are being asked to show restraint whilst the liberal agenda moves ahead, with bishops in ECUSA taking action against conservative parishes; the Church of Canada proceeding to debate the blessing of same sex unions; dioceses in the Episcopal Church actually going forward with the authorisation of such rites, and the appointment of known advocates of same sex unions to senior office in the Church of England. This is only likely to create a situation where the playing field is perceived as skewed - conservative reaction is held back, whilst liberal viewpoints are allowed to claim too much territory. It creates the question in many minds, “Why should we wait, if others are not showing the same restraint?” I should be grateful therefore if some way could be found of addressing this question, and pointing out to our Communion that in the period of preparation of the work of the Lambeth Commission, restraint needs to be shown on all sides, and provocation to “precipitate action” avoided.

Note that the Telegraph’s headline phrase gay agenda in scare quotes does not exist anywhere in the letter which refers rather to “the liberal agenda” (whatever that might mean) and also no person is named anywhere by Gomez.

If the entire headline was in scare quotes, that would reflect the view that Gomez is claiming something that is not in fact the case. I suspect this is not the view of the Telegraph however.

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