Wednesday, 19 May 2004

Who are the Global South primates?

18 of them are reported to have signed the most recent statement. As is so often the case with this group, their names are not listed on this statement.
So I checked earlier statements.
This one was signed by 14, representing 13 provinces:
1. The Most Rev. Peter Akinola Nigeria
2. The Most Rev. Drexel Gomez West Indies
3. The Most Rev. Greg Venables Southern Cone
4. The Most Rev. Joseph Marona Sudan
5. The Most Rev. Benjamin Nzimbi Kenya
6. The Most Rev. Livingstone Nkoyoyo Uganda (outgoing)
7. The Most Rev. Henry Orombi Uganda (Incoming)
8. The Most Rev. Fidele Dirokpa Congo
9. The Most Rev. Donald Mtetemela Tanzania
10. The Most Rev. Bernard Malango Central Africa
11. The Most Rev. K.J. Samuel South India
12. The Most Rev. Alexander Malik Pakistan
13. The Most Rev. Yong Ping Chung South East Asia
14. The Most Rev. Ignacio Soliba Philippines

I suppose it’s safe to assume that all these except Nkoyoyo are among the 18.
So who are the additional five primates?

The most likely candidates appear to be among these seven:
The Church of Bangladesh
The Episcopal Church of Burundi
The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)
L’Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
The Church of North India (United)
The Church of Ceylon (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury)

I welcome more definitive information on this.

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Simon, a good question. And I’m an AAC member. You’re not the only one wondering why there hasn’t been a more official list and why there is so much confusion on the number of dioceses who have declared some kind of broken or impaired communion with ECUSA.
For the record, I’m almost certain that the Primate of the Indian Ocean later signed on to the list of 13 provinces which you link to. I will find that info and post the link in a separate comment.
Also, here is an interesting link which shows 17 Provinces in some kind of impaired/broken communion (The link is posted on the AAC Northern Ohio chapter webpage, but unfortunately there is no info. as to original source or how this was compiled. It’s a great table! Unfortunately it’s hard to verify as is…)
Burundi would presumably be the 18th province based on this list if the total of 18 is correct.
It IS all confusing. Thanks for calling us on this one.

Posted by: Karen B at May 21, 2004 11:29 PM

In my earlier comment I meant to say “Provinces” that have impaired or broken communion, not “dioceses” sorry.
Here is the link about the Province of Indian Ocean signing on to the list that Simon has linked. (which was posted on Feb. 7th — you can find the date by going to the news archives which is organized by date) (this was posted on Feb. 18th)
Perhaps also of interest, here’s a statement from Papua New Guinea which seems to indicate “impaired communion” which I came across looking for the above link

Posted by: Karen B at May 21, 2004 11:58 PM

Some others who signed statements opposing the Diocese of New West and GC2003 are;
James Ayong of Papua New Guinea
Remi Rabenirina of Indian Ocean
Samuel Ndayisenga of Burundi
while Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda issued a separate statement (see the AMiA website)
Robert Okine of West Africa (outgoing) also signed the satement but don’t know of the current status of Justice Ofei Akrofi (incoming).

Posted by: bwk at May 24, 2004 07:07 PM