Saturday, 29 May 2004

Whitsun weekend

Christopher Howse in the Telegraph writes concerning False concerns about Muslims

There are far fewer Muslims in Britain than you might think. Indeed, everything about religion in English daily life is quite different from our impressions. Or so a new Home Office study suggests.

Roderick Strange, writes in The Times about Pentecost, If we receive the Spirit, we can overcome the Darkness

I remember [the Canadian Jesuit, David] Stanley remarking in relation to Pentecost that there was no nostalgia in the New Testament. He referred to the way people, nowadays, will sometimes say how much they would like to have seen Jesus during His public ministry. They believe that it would have strengthened their faith if they knew what He had looked like, if they had heard the sound of His voice, if they had seen how He walked. They look back to the public ministry of the Christ as to a golden age. How unlucky are we to have missed it?
At first, the point may seem obvious, but, Stanley observed, it is a view which is utterly foreign to the New Testament. There is no trace of it there. Nobody is looking back. Thomas, it is true, wanted to be able to put his finger into the wounded hands and his hand into Jesus’s side, but that was not nostalgia. He wanted proof to conquer his doubt. So why was there no nostalgia?
It is because, Stanley explained, the public ministry of Jesus for the writers of the New Testament was not the golden age. For them that began with this outpouring of the Holy Spirit. That was the start of the golden age. It runs from Pentecost to the Second Coming of Jesus. Why look back? This is the golden age. We are living in it now.

In the Guardian Tom Wright also writes about Pentecost: The spirit of the age

But also, Tom Wright is interviewed at length by John Allen in the National Catholic Reporter which you can read here (thanks Tim). All Lambeth Commission watchers should study the full text of this interview carefully. A few excerpts are also embedded in this column.

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