Saturday, 29 May 2004

CofE news roundup

Ruth Gledhill had a report in The Times about what the Methodist Church of Great Britain has to say on Church and State, Methodists urge Anglicans to loosen state link

THE Methodist Church is demanding a loosening of the ties between the Church of England and the State if the two churches are to move towards closer unity.
A report prepared for the Methodist Conference in Loughborough next month will come close to proposing disestablishing the Anglican Church in England. It makes particular criticism of the bishops who sit in the House of Lords, describing them as “too part-time” and says fewer bishops would make for “more effective representatives”.
While not proposing a complete severance of the ties between the Established Church and the State, the report proposes that the role of the Crown in the appointment of bishops is abolished. It also calls for “clarification” about the role of the Queen as Supreme Governor.

Over at the Telegraph Jonathan Petre reported that David Hope “launched a fierce attack on his own church, Archbishop attacks ‘Pop Idol worship’.

Dr Hope said worship had to be accessible, but also had to convey a sense of the awesome.
“The temptation, indeed the reality, I experience in quite a number of churches is simply to ape the passing styles of the times,” he told the students.
“Worship as entertainment; worship as distraction quite other than what it truly is or should be, namely the giving of worth to God.
“It is ironic that just at the time when not only so many young people but older people too have been captivated by the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings genre of literature and film, the Church in its worship seems to have abandoned the mysterious in favour of the banal.”

And in Bishops in racism warning Petre also reported that

Voting for political parties that promote racism is like “spitting in the face of God”, a group of Church of England bishops warned yesterday.
A statement signed by 11 bishops from the West Midlands urged voters to reject groups that stirred up racial or religious hatred, discrimination or fear of asylum seekers.

And the Church Times reports Fears remain for small theological colleges which refers to the report mentioned in Regional Training Partnerships.

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