Thursday, 3 June 2004

Lambeth denies Times claim

Update Friday
The Telegraph repeats its denial of the claim in the Times Charles ‘has not discussed marriage to Camilla with archbishop’

In the Guardian Stephen Bates reports that Lambeth Palace quashes royal marriage rumours.
In the Telegraph Jonathan Petre and Richard Alleyne say that Williams ‘has not approved Charles wedding’.

This refers to the report in The Times by Ruth Gledhill and Andrew Pierce that Church says Charles can marry and also reported secondhand by Reuters.
Update Reuters has now issued a story that reports the denial: Archbishop denies approved royal wedding

The Telegraph says:

Lambeth Palace denied last night speculation that the Archbishop of Canterbury had sanctioned the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles.
A spokesman said claims by The Times that Dr Rowan Williams had dropped his objections to the union after secret talks with Prince Charles were untrue.

Stephen Bates’ report includes:

A source very close to the archbishop denied that he had changed his mind or offered the couple any prospect of a church marriage in the immediate or long-term future.
Other Lambeth Palace sources speculated that the newspaper may be disappointed at the lack of publicity given to its serialisation of the memoirs of Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who yesterday disclosed in an interview with the paper that he had offered the couple private counselling and hoped that they would marry.

Meanwhile, the Guardian also editorialized about what George Carey said yesterday, in Affairs of state.

That makes it all the more cruel and contemptible that “traditionalists” like Lord Carey demand that homosexual Christians live up to stricter standards than straight ones. The only justification for this double standard is not theological, but political: gay Christians, unlike divorced ones, or women, are a minority whom it is safe to persecute. A storm of international evangelical hatred will break over the Anglican Church of Canada if it decides this week to sanction the blessing of gay relationships; and the present Archbishop, Rowan Williams, will be pressured to disown the Canadians in order to preserve “the unity of the communion”. But this unity does not exist, any more than the communion does. There is only a loose federation of churches, which cannot agree on liturgy, doctrine, or even whether women can be priests or bishops. It would be wicked and absurd to make homosexuality the touchstone of orthodoxy, however much this would gratify the noisy bigotry of some African churches.

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