Tuesday, 8 June 2004

More about Canada

Last week’s reports are here.

First this week, a BBC radio interview with Stephen Bates on the events of last week, broadcast last Sunday morning. Listen here with Real Audio. The Sunday programme squib reads:

Homosexuality and Anglican Church of Canada
The Anglican Church of Canada came within a whisker of a potentially explosive vote on same sex blessings this week. At the last moment they changed their minds and the General Synod elected to put the decision off until their next meeting in 2007. Stephen Bates, the Religion Correspondent of the Guardian and who has a book on the whole area of homosexuality and the Church coming out shortly - was at the meeting in Ontario.

This report by Stephen in Saturday’s Guardian Evangelicals shatter ‘unity’ in gay debate lays the blame for disunity at the evangelicals’ door, which upset conservatives considerably.
Update see also Doug LeBlanc’s comments on this article here.

The same day, Saturday, the Telegraph carried Archbishops want church expelled but mentioned no numbers.
Yesterday, Monday, the Telegraph had Bishops call for Canada’s expulsion in gay crisis and mentioned the number 22.

So far - and this is now Tuesday - the text of this alleged statement, supposedly from 22 primates has still not been published anywhere on the web, much less a list of who the 22 primates that reportedly signed it actually are. Have we been around this loop before?

When Gregory Cameron spoke to the Canadian synod he said:

Within our own Communion, the leaders of twenty-two of the thirty-eight provinces of the Anglican Communion, representing about forty-four million Anglicans, have pronounced that they reject the moves in New Hampshire and in New Westminster as incompatible with the Gospel and with the Christian fellowship of which they are part.
They have said that these developments tear the fabric of the Communion at its deepest level, and a state of broken communion now exists between ECUSA and some twelve to eighteen provinces of the Communion.

Answers to this numbers game are still earnestly sought.

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