Sunday, 13 June 2004

22 primates?

The number 22 has appeared twice recently in news reports about the Anglican Communion.

First it appeared on 29 May in Gregory Cameron’s speech to the Canadian General Synod when he said:

Within our own Communion, the leaders of twenty-two of the thirty-eight provinces of the Anglican Communion, representing about forty-four million Anglicans, have pronounced …

And on 7 June it appeared in Jonathan Petre’s report of a statement allegedly issued by Gregory Venables after the Canadian synod:

In a statement on behalf of 22 Global South primates, Archbishop Gregory Venables, the Primate of the Southern Cone (South America), said:…

So far, the latter statement has not appeared anywhere on the internet, nor indeed has its existence been reported by any other source.

But the number 22 is new: previous claims related at most to eighteen and even then it was not possible to confirm that many names with certainty. Thirteen currrent primates signed their names to this statement.

The following seem to be the most likely further four names and the strongest evidence for them is in the links attached (many thanks to Karen B for her assistance in tracking these down):

14. Remi Rabenirina - Indian Ocean

15. James Ayong - Papua New Guinea

16. Samuel Ndayisenga - Burundi

17. Emmanuel Kolini - Rwanda and this link

The eighteenth name would probably be Justice Akrofi - West Africa whose status as primate is not yet confirmed.

But so far I can find no data at all to support claims of 22 primates doing anything. Again, I would welcome further information on this from anyone.

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Father Jake has also written about this question. He thinks I am being generous in my estimate of 18.

Posted by: Simon Sarmiento at June 16, 2004 09:35 AM