Sunday, 20 June 2004

St Albans synod reported on

As previously mentioned the full text of the presidential address is here.

The Church of England Newspaper carried Jeffrey John appointment defended which says:

The Bishop of St Albans defended his appointment of Canon Jeffrey John as Dean of the Abbey amid a chorus of complaints in the diocese over the appointment.
Addressing his diocesan Synod on Saturday Bishop Christopher Herbert apologised for causing hurt and dismay, but called on his critics to recognise that theirs was not the only legitimate interpretation of the Bible for a Christian to hold on homosexuality.
While the bishop firmly denied that he approved of same-sex blessings, he questioned what weight the Christian tradition should put on scripture, the Christian tradition, the language of psychology, understanding of genetics and culture in determining such issues.
He said that huge and important issues surrounding the question of homosexuality remained about which the church had not been able to come to an agreed conclusion.
But evangelicals in the diocese, representing two churches which have already withheld quota and others which are considering such a step, put strong questions to the bishop about the process of the appointment.

And the Church Times had Evangelicals will boycott Dean

MEMBERS of St Albans Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship (DEF) say they will boycott the installation of the Rt Revd Dr Jeffrey John as Dean of St Albans next month because of his homosexuality.
Speaking on Wednesday, Canon Nick Bell said that his “conscience and integrity” would not allow him to attend, and that this was true of other DEF members. He said that there was a mood of “unhappy resignation”.
In his presidential address to the diocesan synod on Saturday, the Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Revd Christopher Herbert, responded to criticism of his acceptance of Dr John’s appointment by the Crown. His intention had not been to hurt those opposed to Dr John’s views.
He urged patience in order to “bring greater mutual understanding and reconciliation. “I also ask that, just as I recognise the sincerity of Christian conviction which moves the hearts of those who criticise what I have done, so my own desire to be a disciple of Christ be recognised.”
Replying to a question, Bishop Herbert said he would not ask Dr John to stop speaking publicly on certain issues, particularly same-sex blessings, once he was Dean.
But he said: “I have absolutely no doubt, given the experienced pastor and teacher that he is, that Jeffrey is aware of the complex sensitivities that surround the debate about same-sex unions.”

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