Tuesday, 22 June 2004

fewer, better bishops

Earlier I reported on plans to cut the number of bishops: turkeys vote for Christmas?

Yesterday the Telegraph carried a report about the private member’s motion to be debated at the General Synod meeting in York next month.
Bishops face demand to halve their pay

Bishops are to be urged next month to give up nearly half their pay and live on the salaries of parish priests.
The General Synod in York is to debate a private member’s motion which argues that all clergy should earn the same, irrespective of their jobs.
If adopted, the measures would apply to all newly appointed bishops, who earn £33,930 a year, archdeacons on £27,660, deans earning £27,850 and even a few well paid parish clergy.
They would have their pay pegged back until they came into line with the average stipend of a parish priest, which stands at £18,480 a year.

But today, the Telegraph editorialises on behalf of Fewer, better bishops and this concludes with:

There is a very strong case for cutting the number of bishops, which has almost doubled over the past 100 years, while the numbers of church-goers and clergy have fallen. But those who remain should be paid more. In every profession, quality costs money. The Church needs fewer, better bishops.

I don’t often agree with the Telegraph.

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