Friday, 25 June 2004

Discipline unwelcome (2)

Today the Church Times weighs in on the matter of Clergy Discipline.

Glyn Paflin has an excellent summary of the report on Clergy Discipline (Doctrine) in Report offers new rules for heresy trials and the CT Leader is also on this subject: The trials that beset us which expresses serious reservations about the proposals. It concludes:

…Who would want to go to law over the rubrics of Common Worship?
Some might, we suppose. Of possible beneficiaries if the proposed legislation is enacted, one group might be news-gatherers; though they would want to object that the proposals allow the Church of England’s doctrine to be determined, case by case, in secret.
Another would be church groups with an appetite for control who believe that other Anglicans need to feel their whip hand. Of such helpers, the gospel today has little need. Unless the Synod can produce a Measure that is not, as past law has been, either dead in the water or a charter for persecutors, it will tarnish its reputation considerably.

This news-gatherer also endorses the objection to hearings being held in secret.

Anyone wanting to read the report in full should go here.

Margaret Duggan has a comprehensive summary of the agenda at Synod to debate drugs, Europe and penance. The agenda itself can be found from here.

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