Friday, 2 July 2004

2 July dawns

and the media coverage of events today has started.

BBC Three Counties Dr John to be installed this week includes a handy section listing “all you need to know about the installation service for Dr Jeffrey John”.

BBC News Gay cleric installed at St Albans. This currrently includes a link to the old video report from the day of the announcement of his appointment.

Independent Site of sacrifice and martyrdom, St Albans is to test the church faithful again with a gay dean (this story in the paper comes with a very nice photo of the Lady Chapel interior)

Press Association Martha Linden has Gay Priest Installed as Cathedral Dean

The Times has I should be a bishop, insists the gay dean

Sky News has GAY PRIEST IS NEW DEAN and GAY DEAN: DO YOU AGREE? which invites comments from the public.

Reuters has Gay priest to be installed as Dean

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