Friday, 16 July 2004

Church Times coverage

“Full Synod reports in this week’s paper”

The front page this week says:

This week’s paper contains nine pages of comprehensive reporting on the General Synod in York.
Subjects include heresy trials, stipends and their payments, marriage law, domestic violence, trade justice, Europe, drug addiction, mission agencies, sentencing policy, initiation and penitence, festival liturgy, Christmas stamps, the lectionary. legal fees, pastoral measures, central funding, synod reform, funding ordinands, and the archbishops’ council — and more.

All that is also in the subscribers-only pages of this site.

I will link to the extended coverage when it moves to the public archive in two weeks’ time. Meanwhile the following reports are available now:

Williams casts vote to flatten clergy stipends

London apportionment: a case of gloves off, cap on

Leader Better than a bonfire

Columnist A radical take on justice Giles Fraser ponders a Synod vote and its consequences

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