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Duncan claims 14 out of 21...

On 15 June, Robert Duncan Bishop of Pittsburgh, gave testimony to the Lambeth Commission, and the full text of his prepared statement has been published as a pdf file here. An html version is available here. A press release concerning it can be found here.

Three other persons representing the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes [despite its title, a wholly United States- based organization] also gave testimony, and they can all be found here. Originally, i.e. on 22 June, the Network then said:

In deference to Lambeth Commission, the presentations will be released to them for posting on the official website and may be accessed at (not of course the official website)

None of the Network testimonies have (yet?) been published by the Commission itself, although very many other documents are available here and here and here and here.

Although the most remarkable aspect of his testimony may well be his comparison of recent events in ECUSA to the bombing and subsequent collapse of the World Trade Center towers, Bishop Duncan’s testimony also includes the following paragraph (my emphasis added):

Thirteen diocesans, given impetus by four other Communion primates, agreed to create the Network in November. Representatives of twelve dioceses and six convocations (groups of parishes in non-Network dioceses) chartered the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes in January 2004. To date nine of those dioceses have ratified the charter, Albany becoming the most recent just this past Saturday. Within the six convocations, 43 congregations (within 22 non-network dioceses) have thus far taken vestry action to associate. Many times this number have such action under consideration, and this frequently in the face of direct opposition from the local bishop. 14 Provinces (all among the 21 Provinces who have announced some form of broken communion with ECUSA) have to date recognized the Network.

I have discussed here ad nauseam the unsubstantiated claims repeatedly made concerning both the number of provinces, and the number of primates acting personally, who have taken actions against ECUSA.

I know of no evidence to support a claim of 21 provinces breaking communion with ECUSA. As I have shown previously (dated 13 July, so after the testimony under discussion here), the most that can be proved with certainty is a mere nine. Indeed I think that 21 maybe the largest number yet claimed for provinces.

As to how many provinces (not merely primates) have “recognized” the Network, whatever that may mean, I have no information, and invite anyone who knows to send me or to publish the list of these fourteen. There doesn’t seem to be anything about this at the Network’s website, which is where you would expect to find it prominently available.

One wonders whether the Commission members or indeed the staff of the commission questioned any of these statistics at their Kanuga meeting, or asked Bishop Duncan for the list of 14 names.

I look forward to receiving any additional information, but as time goes by these claims look more and more like the missing Iraqi WMD.

Update thank you Matt for the comment referring to two statements from primates, but this is not the same as provincial “recognition”.

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Dear Simon,

These two links should help a bit in your search for verification.

Matt Kennedy+
7 February - Fourteen Anglican Primates Issue Strong Statement of Support for Newly Launched Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes

April 16 - Statement by the Global South Primates

Posted by: Matt Kennedy+ at August 21, 2004 01:29 PM
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