Monday, 23 August 2004

Los Angeles update

The Archbishop of Uganda has issued a statement which has been published so far only by the American Anglican Council and titusonenine and not by either of the two parishes (or indeed the Ugandan provincial website):

Archbishop Orombi Releases Statement Addressing California Churches or

Church of Uganda responds to Los Angeles Churches

Here is an extract from that statement:

We have recently concluded the 17th Provincial Assembly of the Province of the Church of Uganda. During that meeting, the Assembly affirmed the House of Bishops’ stance of broken communion with ECUSA, and at the same time declared its commitment to, support for, and communion with clergy and parishes of the Anglican Communion Network who seek to uphold biblical orthodoxy and the faith once delivered to the saints.

This confirms the status of Uganda which was already listed by me as being among the nine provinces who have broken communion with ECUSA.

Meanwhile press reports from the scene:

Larry Stammer of the Los Angeles Times ‘A New Day’ for Two Congregations (23 August)

Press-Telegram 240 join at ex-Episcopal church (22 August)

Daily Pilot Church secession saga still unresolved (19 August)
Churches read bishop’s letter en masse (22 August)

Press-Enterprise Bishop to answer churches (20 August)

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