Thursday, 26 August 2004

Griswold on LA

The Episcopal News Service issued this press release on Wednesday afternoon:

Presiding Bishop conveys concern about pastoral boundaries, affirms L.A. bishop’s ministry of reconciliation

which prompted two newspapers so far to print this report by Larry Stammer:

Los Angeles Times Top Episcopal Bishop ‘Troubled’ by Breakaway Churches

Boston Globe Episcopal head raps parish takeover

The lack of coverage of this news story outside Southern California, and especially in the UK, continues to surprise me.

A couple more newspaper stories:

Long Beach Gazette All Saints Breaks With National Church

AP Religion News in Brief leads with an item about LA (here via MyrtleBeachOnline but appearing in papers across the USA)

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While this has been a little while in coming, I suspect the exact timing of this may have something to do with a California court of appeals case issued earlier this month. That case held a break away Methodist parish could unilaterally delete the trust over its property for the benefit of the national church - the result is the parish will keep the real estate. This is contra some other recent cases. We will see if this is heard at the California Supreme Court.

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