Friday, 27 August 2004

Texas twist to LA story

According to the Church of England Newspaper the retired bishop of Texas Maurice Benitez will exercise pastoral oversight, on behalf of Bishop Kisseka of Luweero, over the (so far, three) Los Angeles parishes who have separated themselves from their geographic diocese.

This information is included in the report Americans win support which also covers the George Carey in Virginia story, as well as the Los Angeles/Uganda one.

The latter is not mentioned in this week’s Church Times although that paper does have a report on the Virginia matter Carey becomes flying bishop in Virginia as well as a brief mention of Robert Duncan’s use of a 9/11 analogy for ECUSA ECUSA is ‘like 9/11’.

Another LA report from the Long Beach Press-Telegram
26 August Church leader backs bishop over dissenters

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First all the mention of the AAC activity around Plano, TX, and now retired bishop Maurice Benitez’s involvement with the schismatic parishes in LA. Coupled with the extremist, anti-ordained women stance of the Diocese of Ft. Worth (and the almost as extreme positions of the neighboring Diocese of Dallas), it’s getting to be embarrassing to admit that I’m from Texas at all…

Really, not all of us are like this. :)

Posted by: David Huff at August 30, 2004 03:22 PM
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