Monday, 30 August 2004

more on Los Angeles

Updated Tuesday 31 August

Los Angeles Times Breakaway Parishes Refuse to Hand Over Their Records

Daily Pilot Churches fire back at claims of diocese

Long Beach Press-Telegram Churches refuse demands

Associated Press version via San Luis Obispo Tribune Breakway Episcopal parishes reject refusal to surrender churches

Another story, from The Monitor (Kampala) Orombi Backs US Break-Away Parishes via

“It is a distress call from those parishes which did not support homosexuality. They were literally desperate. It’s like when someone’s house catches fire and they are screaming for help, you just can’t turn away. We are not asking for administrative jurisdiction. Those [breakaway parishes] need our fellowship,” Orombi said, adding that Uganda had been approached for help and not the other way round.

…Orombi said the American Episcopal Church’s support to gays had betrayed the position of the global Anglican community during the Lambeth Conference in 1998 when 800 bishops voted against the practice of homosexuality.

“We all agreed to keep the traditional view of marriage. Afterwards they went ahead to approve the election of a gay bishop, Gene Robinson,” Orombi said.

And another Ugandan newspaper, the Kampala-based New Vision has Three US Parishes Join Luweero Diocese via

Three more items - Monday 30 August

The Episcopal News Service has a further report on this:
Los Angeles bishop seeks reconciliation with departing clergy, parishioners as legal deadline nears

LA Daily News Standing firm in secession

And this from The Monitor (Kampala) via dated today:
Anglican Church Oversees US Parishes

Uganda’s Anglican Church has offered leadership to three parishes in the US after they fell out with their local church over disagreements on homosexuality.

US media reports say the parishes of Newport Beach, Long Beach and North Hollywood, all in Los Angeles, decided to ally with Uganda in defiance of the Episcopal Authority of LA Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jon Bruno, because he supported gay marriages.

Uganda, which also opposes homosexuality, has accepted to lead the dissident US churches. It is reported that the Rt. Rev. Evans Kisekka, the Bishop of Luweero, said he would act as the bishop for the three parishes, a position reportedly backed by the Church of Uganda. Kisekka could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Sources within the Anglican Church confirmed the development yesterday. A highly placed source said Uganda had accepted pastoral oversight over the US churches, but would not be taking over administration.

“A Diocese in Rwanda has also taken pastoral oversight over some US parishes as well as some Asian churches which have also taken over pastoral oversight of US churches,” the source said, but declined to be named.

…Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi said he would offer an explanation today.

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