Saturday, 4 September 2004

Los Angeles again...

First, a reprise of events so far is available in this NPR radio report:

Gay Bishop Ordination Still Rocking Episcopal Church which includes interview quotes from Bishop Bruno

Second, and new today:

Larry Stammer Los Angeles Times Bishop Asserts Control
L.A.’s Episcopal prelate assigns assistant bishops to take over three breakaway parishes.

Deepa Bharath Daily Pilot L.A. bishop fires leaders of churches
Head of Episcopal diocese informs pastors, vestries of three breakaway churches, including Newport Beach church, that new priests, directors to take over in their communities.

Update Orange County Register 3 parishes’ Episcopal clergy replaced

Copies of a letter to one parish about this from Bishop Bruno, and of the press statement issued by all three parishes in reply to these letters can be found on titusonenine headed The Episcopal Controversy in Los Angeles Escalates Still Further

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What is it about the word “Episcopal” that these 3 congregations do not understand? If the official name were “Jon Bruno’s Church,” it could not be more clear.

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at September 5, 2004 06:25 AM
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