Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Developments re Eames

In this Reuters report dated Monday 6 Sep, Anglican Leaders Seek to Heal Gay Bishops Rift, Paul Majendie quotes Clifford Longley as saying

“I think I put my money on it being a fudge. Temperamentally I do not think they are inclined to go for a fight. Never in the past has any of these commissions come to anything. They have never managed to apply sanctions.”

Today, Wednesday, Jonathan Petre in the Telegraph reports that US bishops fly in for ‘sanctions’ talks , a story which suggests that at least the bishops of Massachusetts, Ohio (retired), Colorado and West Tennessee don’t share Clifford Longley’s optimism.

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“I think some might be reading way too much into these comments by Mr. Longley. This is a Reuters report. The reporter appears simply to be inserting “balance” into this article by weighing the various leaks coming out of the commission from Ruth Gledhill of the Times and J. Petre of the Telegraph against this speculation by Longley. Unlike the reporters I just named, Longleymakes it clear that he has no inside information and is simply repeating the conventional wisdom we have heard ad-nauseum since the commission was established i.e. the commission will recommend nothing of substance and the ABC will do likewise. I think, based on the most recent leaks and reports from those in the know, that the orthodox in ECUSA are in for a very pleasant surprise and I doubt very seriously that this Reuters article is in any way a “trial balloon” or a “signal” as some have suggested. Mr. Longley bases all that he says on what has
happened in the past, not on what he is hearing in the present. The best info we have so far about the state of this present commission has come from the Times and Telegraph.

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