Saturday, 11 September 2004

Eames on Saturday

The British newspapers report:

Guardian Stephen Bates Anglicans consider gay clergy

Telegraph Jonathan Petre ‘Civil war’ fears over gay bishop

The Times Ruth Gledhill Crisis group fails to resolve Anglican dispute over gays This article gives a lot of space to the paper also published by “Anglican Mainstream” but in fact a copy of material on the site of the Anglican Communion Institute which appears to be the originating body for this article.

Anglican Mainstream, the multinational conservative evangelical group founded to oppose the appointment of Dr Jeffrey John, now Dean of St Albans, as Bishop of Reading, demanded “restorative discipline” on Ecusa that would reduce it to observer status for two years. During that time it should rescind its actions or face outright expulsion.

In a statement signed by leading global evangelical bishops and theologians, including the Bishop of Lewes, the Rt Rev Wallace Benn, President of the Church of England Evangelical Council, the group insisted thatr Ecusa “must not be able to use the label Anglican in a way that identifies them as part of the Anglican Communion”.

The evangelicals also insisted that Ecusa’s relationship with Canterbury, if it is to continue at all, must be “qualitatively different” from Canterbury’s relationship with what will become the continuing Communion. They would need to have a clearly “diminished” status, Anglican Mainstream said.

There are already indications that if the African and Asian bishops’ demands for discipline against the US are not met, leading bishops will set up a rival Anglican Church with its titular headquarters in an ancient see such as Alexandria. The Primate of Nigeria, the Most Rev Peter Akinola, has previously said: “You do not need to go through Canterbury to get to Jesus.”

In the open letter on its website yesterday, Anglican Mainstream said: “If this request (for discipline) is ignored, then plainly we have reached the end of the Anglican Communion in its present form.”

American newspapers mostly carry the AP report previously listed. However, in the New York Times Laurie Goodstein mentions Eames in passing while reporting on a local event: Bishop Says Conflict on Gays Distracts From Vital Issues

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I am deeply curious about what is expected of the Episcopal Church by those from other Provinces who disapprove of the election and consecration of a gay bishop. There certainly are no canonical means of “rescinding” the election or withdrawing the acceptance of the election by the General Convention. A bishop cannot be deposed except through a presentment process for which there simply are no grounds. Just in case the Episcopal Church were minded to do something, what is it that the critics expect the Church to do? Just say, “We’re sorry”?

Posted by: John-Julian Swanson at September 16, 2004 01:13 AM
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