Friday, 17 September 2004

Eames Commission discussion

Beliefnet published Episcopalians, Anglicans Launch Diplomatic Push Before Commission written by Kevin Eckstrom.

The Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan discussed the issues facing the commission in his Presidential Address to the Governing Body.

The Church of England Newspaper published this article: Archbishop’s right to invite under the scrutiny of Eames and also carried this editorial comment (text will disappear so saved below the fold here).

The Church Times carries a news story by Bill Bowder: Report could have a ‘profound impact for good’ says Eames and its op-ed columnist Giles Fraser has an opinion column: The cynical option.

Extract from CEN Editorial
The Anglican Communion, by contrast, seems increasingly to be two different entities held together by a very thin external skin – ferrets in the proverbial sack, to use the language of one’s local hostelry! ECUSA has been stamping on its dissenters at home, using the full force of civil law against clergy and congregations to suppress the traditional ethical way, while appealing for compassion and harmony over here. This ‘good cop – bad cop’ routine has worked wonderfully well for them. It seems that their sudden embassy to the Eames Lambeth Commission, a privilege not accorded to their opponents, has worked to prevent sanctions being implemented on ECUSA. Perhaps the so-called ‘liberal’ squeal of church rage from the Dean of Southwark, noted for his Father Christmas costume, scared the commission, who knows – but Eames has ‘choked’ at the only decision it can make if it is to maintain a single Anglican Communion.

The nature of this division is as deep as it can get, affecting the doctrine of creation, the authority and clarity of Scripture and two millennia of uncontested ethical tradition. The western cultural drift of romanticism and amoral ‘inclusivity’ controls society – must it splinter and take over our church too?

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About what would expect from a CEN editorial: hypocritical drivel.

“ECUSA has been stamping on its dissenters at home”: exsqueeze me? If this is a reference to the LA schismatics, they are the ones who claim they are “no longer a part of ECUSA”!

“To suppress the traditional ethical way”: oh, guess +Jon Bruno’s offer of alternative episcopal oversight ( before the schism: politely declined to his face . . . while they were plotting their breakaway behind his back), and his pleas for reconciliation afterward, musta been a delusion in my queer lil’ head.

Behold CEN in rhetorical rhapsody: if you don’t like progressives’ ethics, call them “amoral.” If you don’t like who progressives include, then postulate some general purpose whipping-boy of “inclusivity.” And by all means, if you don’t like what progressives say, then characterize it as a “squeal.”

This little piggy ain’t buying it: I’ll stick w/ the Gospel, thank you. Then again, isn’t that actually why ECUSA is hated? For following the Gospel of Christ, and not the so-called literalists’ rationalization of their bigotry?

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at September 18, 2004 05:08 AM
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