Sunday, 19 September 2004

BBC on America

Today’s BBC radio programme Sunday has further material about Lord Carey’s visit to Virginia.

Listen here with Real Audio (5.5 minutes) including a substantial interview with the former archbishop conducted by Jane Little.
The BBC’s blurb for it says:

Bishop Peter Lee
“Needlessly provocative” is what the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement called the former Archbishop of Canterbury’s decision to fly into Virginia this week to confirm three hundred people into the Episcopal Church. They came from twelve of the nearly two hundred parishes that make up the Diocese of Virginia that officially falls under the command of Bishop Peter Lee. But these twelve parishes are deeply troubled by his endorsement of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire and so they shunned him. Bishop Lee says the solution was to invite Lord Carey to take his place, and that it wasn’t, in his view, inflammatory.

The whole of the programme will be of interest to Americans, see the list of items here (this link will break after a week).

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