Sunday, 19 September 2004

More on ECUSA

Two further items on the current ECUSA situation which are worth a read:

First courtesy of titusonenine an article from The Living Church magazine
Bryan Owen: Beware of the Trojan Horse

The Rev. Bryan Owen is the rector of the Church of the Incarnation, West Point,; this appeared as a viewpoint article in the September 19, 2004 issue of THE LIVING CHURCH magazine. (The Reader’s Viewpoint article does not necessarily represent the editorial opinion of The Living Church or its board of editors.)

Second, this from the PBS TV programme Religion & Ethics News Weekly
Ongoing Tensions in the Episcopal Church

Correspondent Kim Lawton reports from a conservative Episcopal church in northern Virginia where the former Archbishop of Canterbury rather than the local bishop presided on Sept. 15 at confirmation services — another sign of division over the Episcopal Church’s support of its first openly gay bishop.

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