Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Who will be who in 2020

From the Guardian last Saturday:
Guardian Special The World in 2020

Ever wondered who will be holding down Britain’s top jobs - from Labour leader to Queen Vic licensee - in 2020? We canvassed expert opinion to bring you the definitive list. Just don’t hold us to it …

and the article included this:

Archbishop of Canterbury
Who? Canon Dr Judith Maltby
Current job Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Age now 46

Nominated by Rev Giles Fraser, vicar of Putney, writer and lecturer in philosophy at Wadham College, Oxford

An awful lot would have to change in the Church of England before Judith Maltby could be enthroned in Canterbury: the church doesn’t currently allow women to be ordained as bishops. She would also be the first American to head the worldwide Anglican communion. She has denied any interest in becoming a bishop, but her admirers would be keen for her to change her mind. “She’s clever, she has a strong sense of social justice, and we need women in positions of power in the CofE,” says Giles Fraser.

(Thanks to Stephen for telling me about this)

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So the future Archbishop of Canterbury is a Fellow of an Oxford college, nominated by a Fellow of another Oxford college. Hmm .. clearly some things won’t have changed by 2020.

Posted by: Andrew Conway at September 21, 2004 05:28 PM

If we are to have an Archbishop of Canterbury who is really representative of the world-wide Anglican Communion, perhaps she should be black. (It seems there are more black Anglicans in the world than white ones). . . Just a thought . .

Posted by: Peter Hassall Davies at September 22, 2004 03:04 AM
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