Thursday, 23 September 2004

Orombi speaks

Three separate news stories arrived close together, all containing recent remarks by the Archbishop of Uganda.

First, he recommended to his own clergy that they should use the internet:

Discard Old Preaching - Orombi from the Kampala Monitor via

The Anglican Archbishop, Luke Orombi, has advised priests to read widely, listen to media reports and surf the internet to be able to relate their preaching to modern developments.

He said Christians are tired of stereotype ways of preaching like quoting verses and reading them over and over again to the congregation…

Second, from New Vision (Kampala) via
Orombi Decries Evil in Church

The archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, has said the immorality that has been prevalent on the streets has entered the Church.

He called upon priests to show their faith in God by resisting temptations that could lead them into wicked acts.

…”All forms of immorality usually take place on the streets, but now it’s slowly spreading into the Church. These days you even hear that a priest has committed adultery or defiled a child. Where is the Church heading?” he asked…

And third a Statement from the Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Uganda which is addressed to ECUSA. Some excerpts:

…For many of us, the internal workings of ECUSA are a mystery. Were it not for the information revealed in these open letters, we would not have known that the UTO grants of the Episcopal Church Women were part of the official ECUSA structure. Nor would we have known that women in the Episcopal Church support the recent heretical and immoral actions of the General Convention, which have caused ECUSA to separate itself from the historic church and the vast majority of the Anglican Communion and Christendom. We are grateful to have this information, and respectfully request that UTO not send us any more funds – even if grant requests have been submitted.

…This state of broken communion saddens us because of the loss of relationships and partners, and we believe it also grieves the heart of God. We continue to pray that ECUSA will repent of its actions so healing can begin, reconciliation be pursued, and communion be restored. We continue to rejoice in the formation and growth of the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes in the United States under the leadership of Bishop Bob Duncan, and thank God that there is a faithful remnant of Anglicans in America with whom we can remain in communion. We look forward to deepening our ties and mission partnerships with those parishes and dioceses that are part of this Anglican Communion Network.

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Well, I know that +Luke’s statement grieves my heart . . . :-(

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at September 23, 2004 11:01 PM
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