Friday, 24 September 2004

more on women bishops

Update for coverage of the report when published, see main TA blog here

See earlier report here.

The Church Times has a lengthy report by Rachel Harden , which lists
Seven options on women bishops

A chapter from a draft of the report lists seven options:
• maintaining the current status quo, whereby women priests cannot be made bishops;
• drawing up single-clause legislation to allow women to be bishops;
• allowing women priests to become diocesan bishops, but not archbishops;
• allowing women priests to become suffragan bishops, but barring them from diocesan posts and archbishoprics;
• allowing women to become bishops within a diocesan team, which would always include a male bishop;
• creating an extended form of episcopal oversight for those opposed to women bishops;
• establishing a third province within the Church of England for those opposed.

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