Friday, 24 September 2004

The Archbishop and the Network

Further to recent discussion on this ACNS has issued the following
Statement from Lambeth Palace on the ‘network’ stories

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Rowan Williams, has had a wide range of meetings and conversations with many groups and individuals on all sides in relation to the current concerns in the Anglican Communion. These meetings remain private and confidential.

Amongst those with whom the archbishop met last autumn were those dissenting from the impending consecration of Gene Robinson; those involved wished to discuss the shape that might be taken by groups dissenting from the decision of General Convention but remaining within the structures of ECUSA.

The term ‘network’ was suggested as offering one appropriate model to provide support for those dissenting from the resolution but intending to remain within ECUSA’s structures. The Archbishop felt that this might prove a suitable working concept, but no proposals as to its potential form, structure or outworking were advanced.

In relation to the discussion of the term ‘confessing church’; this concept indicated, in accordance with traditional Protestant usage - that the dissent was understood to be on a matter of conscience that, for the dissenter, touched on the integrity of the church itself. No narrower example or more specific comparison, for instance to the church in Germany in the 1930s, was intended.

Saturday, Ruth Geldhill has a report in The Times
Canterbury blessing for network to heal gay rift
part of which is also quoted here

It starts out:

THE Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, gave his personal backing to a new, ultra-conservative organisation for orthodox Anglicans that is poised to become a recognised arm of the Anglican Communion in America.

The Times has learned that Dr Williams, in a private meeting with leading American clergy at Lambeth Palace, advised the setting up of a “network” to provide a home within the American church for those who disagreed with the decision to consecrate the openly gay Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire.

Dr Williams went so far as to suggest the new network be called the “confessing” network. This was taken by those at the meeting as a reference to the the “Confessing Christian” movement that stood for the orthodox faith in Germany at a time when the official Christian bodies were being manipulated by the Nazis.

Although Lambeth Palace denied that any such direct link was intended, a spokesman for the Archbishop admitted that the term “confessing church” had been invoked as one way for the conservative evangelicals and Anglican Catholics to describe themselves.

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