Saturday, 29 July 2006

Internet Basics

My Columns from the Church Times

July 2006 Building a parish website

June 2006 Cheap public WiFi?

May 2006 Free broadband?

April 2006 More on sharing your thoughts [Blogging basics]

March 2006 How to use Bloglines

February 2006 How to Blog

January 2006 CT guide to RSS

December 2005 More Firefox hints

November 2005 Extending Firefox

October 2005 Protecting your computer

September 2005 More on getting connected

August 2005 Getting connected
(This was originally titled Getting Started; next month will deal with ISP selection)

July 2005 Browser Tips

June 2005 Introducing wireless 2

May 2005 Introducing wireless (this column was much longer as written: more in future months…)

April 2005 Sinful email

March 2005 Browsers and broadband

February 2005 More about security

January 2005 More about Thunderbird

December 2004 Should I switch to Firefox?

November 2004 Technology Updates 2 (broadband and audio/video)

October 2004 Technology Updates 1 (Windows XP and blogs)

September 2004 Broadband update

August 2004 More on accessible websites

July 2004 Alternatives to Internet Explorer

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